Earth Day (April 22nd) is a prime opportunity to showcase your knowledge of sustainable real estate. Millennials, the largest buyer group, crave energy-efficient homes. Equip yourself to serve them!

Become an Energy Efficiency Expert:

FHA 203K & Energy Efficient Mortgages: Learn how to finance eco-friendly upgrades that save buyers money. Register here:


NAR Green Designation: Gain expertise in sustainable features that boost property value and attract eco-conscious buyers. Learn more:

Stand out as a Green Leader:

  • Educate clients on features like Energy Star appliances and smart thermostats.
  • Help sellers highlight eco-friendly aspects of their property during marketing.

Become an Earth Day champion and a valuable resource for your clients by obtaining the Green Designation April 23 & 24th in Covington! Register here:

Together, let's build a greener future for real estate!